Why eLearning

The Hydraulic & Fuel Filtration EMEA eLearning website is an on-line tool designed to be part 1 of our ‘Filtration Technology’ training programme. Each module is designed to be both clear and concise, describing current industry wide practices, enabling you to gain a clear understanding of key topics and subjects that make up the basics of hydraulic filtration.

This will give you a sound basis for progressing to Filtration Technology Part 2. With interactive models and diagrams, vivid graphics and illustrations and end of module reviews, eLearning allows you to take part in high quality training, from anywhere in the world. Our ‘Filtration Technology’ programme consists of 3 components;

  • Part 1; The eLearning modules that you will complete here.
  • Part 2; The 3 day Filtration Technology Part 2 Workshop.
  • Part 3; The 3 day Filtration Technology Part 3 Workshop.

Parts 2 and 3 are residential workshops, held close to one of HFFE’s European locations. You become eligible to attend the Part 2 workshop, once you have completed these eLearning modules.
To view a list of the available modules, click on the ‘Home’ button, located on the navigation panel above.